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Volleyball officiating offers many rewards, but above all else, our members share a passion for the game. In the end, it's the passion that inspires our members to perform at their highest levels. The reward may be financial, continued contact with the sport you love, the feeling of camaraderie experienced as a chapter member, the satisfaction that comes with performing a job well-done, and/or providing a positive role model to our youth. 


EARNING POTENTIAL: Payment to an official varies depending on the level of the match and number of matches assigned. It may range from $40 to officiate a JHS match to $65 paid for a varsity match. Most assignments include two or more matches. A flat, predetermined travel fee is added to every assignment payment. It is based on the distance from the chapter midpoint to the school campus. The minimum travel fee is $15 but may increase to $30 or $45 based on the UIL fee formula.

TRAINING: Officiating is an intensely challenging profession. To become a successful official one must possess a serious attitude, willingness to study/enforce the rules, and attend chapter training. The NFHS rule book, case book, and pre-season guide are furnished to all members. Chapter meetings provide valuable in-person training. Virtual sessions supplement chapter training. Scrimmage participation provides live on-court training. 


STATE REQUIREMENTS: Register with TASO.ORG. A fee is charged. A criminal background check will be performed after registration. TASO requires all members to attend either the state meeting, or regional clinic, or online clinic. The online volleyball rules exam must be passed to certify to officiate. The uniform requirement is discussed below.


COST TO BEGIN: State and chapter fees vary from years to year. At present a NEW member (one who has never been a member of TASO volleyball) will pay a $75 online registration fee to TASO by credit or debit card at TASO.ORG. The NEW member local chapter fee at present (2022) is $20; the assigning fee is $20 for a total of $40. The assigning fee will pay for matches assigned at a rate of $1.00 per JHS and sub-varsity match and $2.00 per varsity match. The unused balance is returned to the member after the season ends. RETURNING members pay a $100 state fee, $40 chapter fee, and $60 assigner fee. A state approved UNIFORM is required. The TASO approved shirt must be worn.  It is purchased from a TASO vendor at a cost of $30 dollars or more. The black pants, black socks, black shoes, black lanyard and whistle may be purchased locally.                               




An official must join both the Texas Association of Sports Officials (TASO) and the Tip of Texas Volleyball Chapter. New member is defined as never previously been a member of TASO volleyball.

  • REGISTER ON THE HOME PAGE OF TASO.ORG – Select “new applicant” below the revolving photos on the TASO.ORG homepage and begin the registration application. A national background check will be performed. A payment of $60 by debit or credit card is required. ​


  • COMPLETE TASO REQUIREMENTS: Pass the TASO online rules exam with a 70 or better and satisfy the clinic requirements. All fees must be paid and requirements completed before games will be assigned. Requirements will be explained in detail at chapter meetings, Reftown emails, and on our website.


  • LOCAL PAYMENT: The NEW member chapter fee is $20 and the local assigner fee is $20.


  • ATTEND TRAINING AT CHAPTER MEETINGS, SCRIMMAGES, AND OTHER ANNOUNCED OPPORTUNITIES. Please refer to the chapter meeting calendar for meeting dates and locations; the chapter website for training opportunities. Many announcements are made via Reftown emails.


  • OBTAIN A UNIFORM: The uniform worn at all games is black shoes, black pants, black and white shirt,  black socks, black whistle, and black lanyard. The shirt must be the official TASO shirt with insignia and purchased from a TASO certified vendor list on TASO.ORG under member services/vendors. The rest of the uniform may be purchased locally.

More information may be obtained on our website and/or from Carl Contrata (chapter secretary) at 956-373-0751 or or  Mario Reyna (president) at (956) 342-0547 or, or  Juan Quiroz (assigning secretary) or 956-792-7924 or any board of director listed under “Leadership” on the chapter website.


Carl Contrata

Chapter Recording Secretary

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