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Our "Silent Whistle" page is to honor our chapter officials who are no longer with us, as they were in all aspects of officiating in our chapter.

To respect all who have passed away, make sure to contact a board member for any updates, an image of our deceased member and or links to their respective obituary page who are not posted in this webpage.  

Our deepest sympathies to each of our deceased members family, friends and loved ones near and far.

Silent Whistle

Our Deceased Chapter Members

“On behalf of my kids and I, we wish to express our gratitude to the Tip of Texas Volleyball members that reached out to us with much love and support.  The flower arrangement from the Tip of Texas Chapter was beautiful.  We are forever grateful for all the kind words through text and obituary messages, the prayers and their presence (for those that were able to extend their condolences in person) both at the viewing and burial.  Carl selflessly devoted much of his time through out his retirement days to serving the chapter which I'm pretty sure he loved more than us, LOL. Carl loved the chapter and the chapter showed much love to Carl.  Blessings...”

Carmen Contrata


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