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This is where important technology application information will be accessible. 

Best practices:  keep your usernames and passwords written down and in a secure location.


Be aware that creating safe and secure passwords by substituting symbols for numbers and letters.  So not share passwords important personal information is posted in our online applications, i.e. Social Security, address etc.

Officiating Technology
Applications Accessibility

Creating accounts for online applications and becoming familiar with best practices on how these technology applications can make you and your assigning secretaries officiating life a more pleasant and enjoyable one.

Reaching out to a fellow official or board member can add value to your officiating season.

RefTown Application Requirements

Keeping in good standards as an official can assist you in many ways.  RefTown is a key item and application playing a roll in the association for game assignments and other important information.  Accessing key information and training tools to make the best impression are provided below.

App link image RefTown

RefTown App Link

  • Create a RefTown Account

  • Have a place to quickly access username / password

  • Do not share username / password

  • RefTown can be accessible via webpage using computer, laptop, tablet and or personal device.

 Knowledge base


Knowledge Base

  • Link to RefTown "User Guide" includes the following:

    • Getting Started​

    • General Information & Tips

    • Invoices & Finances

    • Mobile App

 google play app

Google Play App

  • This will direct you to Android / Google application download page​​

    • NOTE: no RefTown App for iOS.​

  • Have a place to quickly store and access username / password

  • Do not share username / password

RefT image tutorial

How to Upload Image

in RefTown

  • Access video tutorial via the "Image Upload" icon.

  • Written Instructions are accessed through the PDF link below the icon.

  • The "Best Image" and impression of you can be attained by a professional image.  

    • Details on capturing best image will be provided in a scheduled chapter meeting.​


RefTown Support

  • Link to RefTown "Support" includes the following:

    • Enter your email address

    • RefTown will email and "access Code" 

    • After access code is received the support process continues.

Rtwn Avail Instruc

RefTown Calendar Availability


    • Follow instructions on how to update your calendar.

    • Very important to have your calendar updated.

Reftown Contact

RefTown Contact Information


  • Link to RefTown "Contact" includes the following:

    • 1-800 number

    • Online support form

    • Support members phone numbers and email addresses.

There are many veteran chapter members, board members and tech savvy members to reach out for assistance.

Attending meetings will also be a key factor in adding value to how each of our chapter members can make the "best first impression by keeping a variety of key points updated in RefTown

Top view of gym floor with volleyballs on gym floor.jpg

Arbiter Sports is an online application to access income generated from assigned and completed volleyball games. Listed below are the school districts that pay using Arbiter Sports. DONNA ISD EDCOUCH-ELS ISD HARLINGEN CISD IDEA SCHOOLS JUBILEE BROWNSVILLE LA FERIA ISD LA JOYA ISD LA VILLA ISD LOS FRESNOS CISD MCALLEN ISD POINT ISABEL ISD PSJA ISD RIO GRANDE CITY CISD SANTA ROSA ISD SHARYLAND ISD VANGUARD ACADEMY WESLACO ISD Best practices: Keep track of completed games, dates and fees. Check your Arbiter Sports account for updates or any discrepancies.

Arbiter Sports "Pay List"

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